The Dulcimers are done and the walnut dulcimer is already sold. There are photos available on the Items For Sale page.

I will be finishing the Tele clone (The "Classic T") this weekend. That frees up time to finish the bodies of the next two Classic T guitars. I learned a lot about the design of this guitar, especially the neck design, and these next two guitars will be beautiful. One will be royal blue, the other will be glossy black.


Because of the broken elbow I've rearranged my schedule. I'm now building 2 mountain dulcimers. I've built so many of these that I have a clear vision of where I am in the build process and I can do it even with a broken arm.

I'm documenting the build process on Facebook here

One is a walnut dulcimer the other is made from Paduak. They should be available for sale by the end of the month.


The big news is that GBGuitars is back in production. I've taken a sabbatical from teaching in order to focus on my lutherie skills. This happened because two things occured at about the same time: First, music lessons always die off during the summer. That's just the nature of the business. But this gave me time to get back out into the shop so I could remember why I love lutherie again.

Second, I've been developing a fascination for the guitar work of Ted Greene and that led to wanting to play jazz on a Telecaster. Rather than spend thousands of dollars for a 1952 reissue I decided to build my own. That led to the realization that I can produce electric guitars at a price point where I could actually make a profit.

And I can have fun doing it too.

But there's other news as well. On July 5th I had an accident and I shattered my left elbow.

That's going to delay the next batch of guitars. The next few months I'll focus on healing. But I assure you, I'll be building and playing sooner than later.



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